Bespoke Lighting by Shakuff

Shakuff Main Blog Image & Pinterest (1)Shakuff is a blown and fused glass lighting collective that features the work of glass artists from all over the world. Their products are entirely bespoke, meaning each piece is completely unique. Shakuff’s diverse collection of glass styles including sconces, pendant lighting, chandeliers, and more.

Shakuff products cater to a diverse range of aesthetics. We are particularly enamored with their “Breath” collection, which features organic shapes that are traditionally crafted by master artisans using time-honored techniques. “Breath” designs come in a multitude of shapes and sizes, and are a combination of classic lines executed in clean glass and contemporary textures.

Shakuff products are all fully customizable, and can be tailored to suit each client’s specific taste and design style. Their plethora of color palettes and broad scope of designs make them a go-to for us when we’re looking for that perfectly unique lighting piece to enhance a beautiful interior. You can view their whole collection here.

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