Sulptural Furniture by Adolfo Abejón

Adolfo Abejón is an internationally acclaimed furniture designer based in Barcelona. His design concept merges humble aesthetics and quality philosophy; the conscious essence of the materials he uses, and the comprehension of their honesty. Abejón believes that calmness and purity are two concepts that can peacefully coexist with their environment, and these fundamental principles are reflected in his design.

Abejón’s pieces are completely handmade in limited short series and Abejón is a firm believer in small production. Creating his designs in small, limited batches ensures that work is produced with respect for the local craft and that his creations highlight the communication between every aspect involved in producing the finished product. It also encourages a collaborative mentality throughout the process of production.

Abejón’s sculptural furniture is crafted from diverse and unique materials such as Marquina marble rock extracted from North Spain, cast bronze, iron, and sheepskin. You can view more of his designs here.

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