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Paola Lenti’s Furniture: Where Opposites Attract

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Paola Lenti, a home and outdoor furniture line, is the brain child of internationally renowned Italian designer Francesco Rota. The company was founded in 2004 and has consistently won prestigious design awards all over the globe each year since its inception.

The concept behind Paola Lenti is the creation of an inherent harmony through design, where opposites balance and attract. Traditional and contemporary design elements are combined to create a serene coexistence of seemingly diverse influences. His designs are both durable and comfortable, and are available in shocking bright colors as well as neutrals.

Francesco Rota also has a passion for incorporating cutting-edge technology into his designs. Paola Lenti furniture utilizes high-tech materials that are responsibly sourced from recycled post-consumer goods. All of Paola Lenti’s natural materials are responsibly sourced from sustainable forests, and finishing treatments are non-toxic.

Paola Lenti’s designs evoke a seamless integration of architectural structure and comfort. The result is timeless, quality furniture that is meant to be enjoyed for many years. You can view more of Paola Lenti’s designs here.