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The Contemporary Art of Bernard Rene Guillot

French contemporary artist, Bernard Rene Guillot, was born and raised in Avignon, France. There he studied Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts. He moved to Paris where he worked in the fashion industry for major design houses such as Guy Laroche, Dior, and Paco Rabanne.

Guillot has traveled extensively throughout his career and has absorbed inspiration from the far corners of the globe. A true Renaissance man, he’s also dabbled in music criticism for Opera International Magazine, designed interiors for Italian showrooms, private homes, and also, design inspiration for lines of handmade luxury goods.

Painting has emerged as Guillot’s most passionate form of expression. His methodology is a combination of serendipity and personal visions reminiscent of his global travel and universal experiences. Guillot starts with a basic concept, and allows that concept to organically multiply and widen across a canvas, creating walls of space that envelop the viewer in an intimate personal reality.

Guillot blurs the lines of the tangible world with his bold brush strokes and metamorphosing colors to create a balanced symbiosis where the real and the surreal can exist in perfect harmony. His paintings are an experiential and distinct moment in time. Guillot notes the actual time and dates that his paintings are produced and fully realized on each piece, elevating each piece to an irreproducible vessel of material, vision and energy.